Publications and Presentations

Recent Articles:

“The Horses of Abaco Island: Living History, Critically Endangered” (The Equine Chronicle, online edition, Jan. 2010)

“Living With  Canine Kidney Disease” (The Canine Chronicle, Sept. 2009)

Works in Progress:

The Rescuer’s Handbook: An Insider’s Analysis of the Animal Welfare System

Shannon is available to speak on the following topics:


Animal Rescue
Breed Specific Legislation
Animal Health and Welfare (working with your veterinarian)


Foreign Language Education
Education Across Cultures
Communicating With Parents From Other Cultures
Maintaining Educational Standards in a Kum Bah Yah World


Illegal Immigration: What You Need to Know
Children of Illegal Immigrants: Trapped Between Worlds
ESL: There Is No Magic Wand