Comments for Shannon Hill Thu, 30 Apr 2015 15:45:10 +0000 hourly 1 Comment on Vet Care: More Than Vaccinations (What Makes a Good Shelter, Part 4 of Many) by riverrunner13 Thu, 30 Apr 2015 15:45:10 +0000 Great blog article as usual! I am thinking that as far as CBC and a basic chem analyzer goes, there very well could be places that are upgrading that would donate equipment like that to a non-profit. Years ago (Dr Ryan days), someone was offering to donate a big machine (do not remember if it was imaging or lab) but it was not taken advantage of. Long time ago and I do not remember details so no grumbling about that water under the bridge.  

That might be an option for the future…just a thought to keep in filed away…donated equipment. The reagents and maintenance might be able to be donated too if it is under a non-profit. I do not think it is an option with current management due to their practices of late – will not even do a fecal float that requires very little equipment ( a scope, float tube, cover slip and solution – about 1.00 a test) – just knowledge.

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Shame on Shenandoah, TX, Indeed! | Shannon Hill

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Comment on DirecTV: Another Stupid Commercial by Carrie5904 Tue, 28 Feb 2012 03:36:26 +0000 Here is the response I got:
Thank you for writing. I apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this commercial about stray animals has caused you. Let me assist you in having all of your concerns addressed today.

Please be advised that we certainly did not mean to offend you or anyone else with our commercials, Mrs. Rodriguez. Nevertheless, I have forwarded your comments to DIRECTV Management. Be assured that your feedback is important to us and we often make changes based on viewer comments like yours.

We are committed and determined to provide you with prompt, courteous and excellent service. We promise to do our best to resolve any issues that might arise as quickly as possible. And we will continue to develop the unique, innovative programming and services that you have come to expect and enjoy from DIRECTV.

Thank you again for writing, Mrs. Rodriguez. I appreciate the opportunity to personally address your concerns regarding our commercial.


Vanessa V. – 100245955
DIRECTV Customer Service

Comment on DirecTV: Another Stupid Commercial by shannon Mon, 27 Feb 2012 14:22:19 +0000 Amazing! I got a reply! (In which they got my gender wrong, but still…)

Response Via Email(Raymond D. – 100186556) – 02/27/2012 03:37 AM
Dear Mr. Hill,

Thanks for writing.

I understand how you feel with regard to the most recent DIRECTV advertisement you
saw. I know that this has been a frustrating experience for you, and we’d like to
provide assistance as soon as possible.

We certainly didn’t mean to offend you or anyone else with our commercials, and I do
appreciate your feedback in this matter. For this reason, I forwarded your comments
to DIRECTV Management. We often make changes to our service based on customer
requests, and we conduct customer surveys on a regular basis to get feedback and new

Thanks again for writing, Mr. Hill. We will continue to strive to provide the best
service experience to you.


Raymond D.- 100186556
DIRECTV Customer Service

Comment on Another Rescue Radar Moment by shannon Thu, 01 Dec 2011 16:56:55 +0000 UPDATE: The baby dustbunny will go to her new foster home on Saturday. She will shortly thereafter be available for adoption through Smart Rescue ( Thank you to Smart Rescue for offering her a place to go!

Comment on All That Is Necessary… by Gianni Tue, 04 Oct 2011 01:12:36 +0000 I don’t know much, but I have begun to read about animal laws in Texas. Here are some links.


— Chapter 821. Treatment and Disposition of Animals

— Chapter 822. Regulation of Animals

— Chapter 823. Animal Shelters

— Chapter 825. Predatory Animals and Pests

— Chapter 826. Rabies

— Chapter 828. Dog and Cat Sterilization

— Chapter 829. Animal Control Officer Training

Texas Dept. of State Health Services, Animal Laws:

SPCA of Texas, Overview of Texas Laws:

Animal Legal and History Center, Analysis of Texas Laws:

Comment on MCAS: The Low-Cost Clinic and the Veterinary Establishment by Nancy Nelson Wed, 28 Sep 2011 11:44:26 +0000 Shannon this all makes me sick to my stomach. Spending so much of my time and money trying to save animals I have a hard time wrapping my brain around someone who is supposed to be doing the same undermining the very core of animal welfare. The shelter offers these services to fill a void in the county that the local vets never stepped in to fill. For years they had the opportunity to start a low cost clinic and they could have made a killing but no one ever did. The people who use these services do so because they cannot afford the alternatives and would basically do nothing instead which means more disease, more animals, and more over crowding at an already overcrowded shelter. What vet who supposedly cares about animals and has made that his or her profession would be this callous and cold. I have a few ideas but I will keep that to myself for now. As tax payers of Montgomery Co we need to be very vocal in our support of these programs that cost the tax payers nothing and provide a benefit at the shelter that could only be replaced with the county allotting tax dollars. We need to make sure the commissioners realize that these programs are necessary and a service to the residents of Montgomery Co and that because a few vets are upset their profits are down, ( duh a recession and bad economy have nothing to do with that) should not ruin it for all the tax paying, voting residents of the county.

Comment on Basic Vocabulary for Animal Welfare Volunteers by lynette Mon, 26 Sep 2011 21:19:07 +0000 I get asked all the time what is “EU”. :-( I also interviewed a new pet sitter this weekend; showed her my new (adorable!) foster puppy from MCAS. I explained that he is being treated for a non-contagious form of mange; she looked at him in horror and said, “aren’t you afraid your other dogs are going to catch it?” I said, “It is NON-contagious demodectic mange.”. UGH. :-(

Comment on I Think They Missed Me by shannon Fri, 23 Sep 2011 21:36:51 +0000 I’m thinking Pay Per View.