Last Chance Charlie

I know that the rescue community is constantly inundated with pleas to save just one more dog.  And sometimes it wears on us.

But I’m going to ask you to save just one more dog.

Meet Charlie.  Charlie is what we might call a special circumstances dog.  He is currently incarcerated in the quarantine room at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. 

Charlie A157412

He will only get out of there if a rescue steps up to take him.

Here’s how he landed in jail.  First, he came into MCAS and went into the adoption program.  He’s a great dog, so he was adopted.

Unfortunately, he was adopted by jackasses.

The head jackass had a young son who didn’t want to play with Charlie.  In fact, when Charlie got in his way, the kid hauled off and began kicking Charlie in the ribs.  Poor Charlie finally grabbed the kid’s pants leg in self-defense.  And even then, attempting to save himself, he did NOT hurt the kid.

Nevertheless, the head jackass dragged Charlie back to the shelter and dumped him.  Worse, he dumped him “for biting the kid.”

As we in animal welfare know, that puts Charlie on death row.  He cannot go back in to MCAS’ adoption program, because under county regulations, the shelter cannot put a “biter” up for adoption.  However, they CAN release him to rescue.  Given Charlie’s circumstances, they are begging for a rescue to stand up for Charlie so they can save this nice dog.

I took Charlie out to play today.  He is calm, mannerly, neutered, vaccinated, and grateful for attention.  He is a beautiful animal who deserves a hell of a lot better than to die in a shelter because a father allowed his son to kick the dog until the poor animal had to defend himself.

Charlie needs immediate rescue to save his life.  No one at MCAS wants to put him down, but the only way to save him is for a rescue to take him.

Please help him.  Call the shelter at 936-442-7738 and ask for Minda Harris.

 **Update:  Tammie got adopted!  Big Red, Titan, and Cindie STILL NEED HOMES.


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