I Think They Missed Me

So I went out of town for the weekend, and left my three Pekes in the very capable hands of my housesitter. As you know, my oldest furry child, Bumble, is very special needs, so it takes a REALLY good petsitter to manage his needs.

My younger ones, Elizabeth and Oliver, are the “easy ones.”


They’re easier than Bumble in the sense that they don’t have any special medical or behavioral needs. They’re friendly, happy, healthy, and playful.


They are way too smart for their own good, and when Mama leaves, they get busy. This is not separation anxiety. This is not being naughty, at least not in their little minds. It’s called taking advantage of the situation, sort of like when you send your kids to visit Grandma and they run hog wild while they’re there.

First, Bumble takes full advantage of Stacy’s good nature. She was outside walking him at 3:00 a.m. I asked her why. Well, he wanted to go out.

Then my young ones got in on the act. I got a text from Stacy, which said the following. “Can’t find check. Can you cancel and write another?” I immediately called and asked for details. My first question.  Did Oliver eat it? (Baby boy is going through a paper eating phase.)

Stacy admitted that such was totally possible, since she found him happily shredding a different check. Since both had been in her pocket, well…odds were that he’d already eaten the other one. This morning, I get another call. She found the check! Or to be precise, Oliver came prancing up to the sofa with the check in his teeth and dropped it on her shoes. He was very pleased with himself.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth, my good girl, caught Stacy distracted by Oliver and took the opportunity to steal half of Bumble’s breakfast. (Bumble really didn’t mind.)  She also indulged in her favorite pastime – putting Oliver’s toys up on the sofa where he can see them but not reach them.

When I got home this evening, they had to tell me all about it. I picked Bumble up to hug him, and my little old man rubbed his face all over my shoulder (an effusive greeting from him) and muttered and fussed. Oliver and Elizabeth immediately went into their evening performance of the Pekingese Circus. Only problem – they insisted on rolling, snorting, kicking, wiggling, and biting each other IN MY LAP. That went on for an hour before they felt their point had been sufficiently made.

I think they missed me.


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