Another Montgomery County Miracle in Progress

Over the last 36 hours, I have seen a miracle in progress at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.  The shelter posted a list of 14 dogs who were in a critical situation. Every dog on the list had been in the shelter more than 60 days, and/or was developing serious problems as a result of the confinement in the shelter.


Each of these dogs had until the end of business on Friday, May 4th, to get out of the shelter, or they would be euthanized.


Let me clarify. This shelter tries hard to save them, but 60 days or more in the shelter environment is not fair to the dogs. They start getting cage crazy from the constant confinement, and they develop health problems related to the stressful environment. Worse, because these dogs are occupying valuable adoption kennel space, new dogs come in every single day that may never get a chance at adoption because there is no kennel space for them to move into.


That’s the harsh reality of a shelter when there are more animals than spaces.


But once again, this shelter did the right thing. They posted an album with pictures and information on these 14 dogs, and begged for fosters, rescues, and adopters to step up and get them out of the shelter.


Here’s the miracle. Every single one of those dogs is now safe.


I thought I was going to be celebrating the fact that nine of them got out in less than 36 hours, and asking my readers to step up to help save the remaining five. That was where we stood when I left for a meeting at 6 pm.


When I got home at 10 pm, the first thing I saw online said we were down to two. Twelve safe, two to go.


Then I started reading comments and going through the list. And as I went from photo to photo, each one had a foster or adopter coming for them. Most have already left the building.


That’s 14 dogs. In 36 hours. After each of them had spent more than two months in the shelter. And that is a miracle.


It took dozens of people networking these 14 dogs all over the internet. It took 14 families stepping up to foster or adopt. And it immediately saved these 14 lives, in addition to opening kennel space for 14 more dogs to move up to get their chance at adoption.


So to my friends in animal welfare: if you ever wonder whether what we do makes a difference…to these 14 dogs, it meant everything. To the 14 dogs moving into their adoption spaces, even though they don’t know it yet, it means a chance to find a forever home.


Keep those miracles coming. Today was a really, really good day at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

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