Shannon Hill is a writer and speaker who specializes in animal welfare, immigration issues, effective cross-cultural communication, and education.

Shannon has spent most of her professional career as a teacher of Spanish.  In the “teacher portion” of her life, she was a 2007 winner of a place on the highly competitive Toyota International Teachers Program to the Galapagos, as well as the coach of the 2009 National Champion Academic Team.  She also sponsors a student club whose dual purpose is to raise money to help local animal welfare groups and to teach students about issues affecting the wellbeing of domestic animals.

Her animal welfare work includes serving on the board of Houston Pekingese Rescue, transporting rescued animals, teaching students about the issues involved in caring for domestic animals, and fundraising for a variety of animal welfare organizations.  As a pet owner with a research fetish and a supportive veterinarian, she has developed a broad understanding of medical conditions affecting dogs, in particular.  (See the articles page for her most recent publication.)

As a cultural specialist, Shannon has worked with students of all ages from approximately 30 different countries, and has also been a working translator and interpreter for 18 years.  Most recently, she has helped to develop the curriculum and assessment methodology for the ESL classes at the First United Methodist Church of Conroe.

Shannon is also the founder of the Outspoken Toastmasters chapter, which meets on Thursday evenings at 7:15.  If you live in the Conroe, Texas area, feel free to contact Shannon for details about Toastmasters.  Toastmasters gave her the skills and the focus to start sharing her passion for animals, other cultures, and related issues with an audience.