Shannon Hill                                                                                                      

Hello! I hope you enjoy the newest incarnation of www.shannonlhill.com. After several years, it was time for a revamp to reflect my developing interests, products, and professional services.


First, let me tell you who I am. I’ve been a Spanish teacher, translator, writer, speaker, and a few other things for over 20 years. I have a BA in Spanish and French, and an MA in Hispanic Literature. I’m a native Texas girl, but I spend as much time in Spain as I can, and I’ve had some really cool opportunities to travel to other destinations along the way. The updated website will have much more diverse content, so that I can share my original educational materials, photography, designs, and anything else that  comes up as I explore new creative endeavors.


Educational materials

Please visit me at http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Shannon-Hill to check out my original materials for Spanish teachers, especially of upper level students. I also offer materials for those teachers, club sponsors, and home schoolers interested in teaching animal welfare as part of their curriculum.



After years and years of writing and editing copy for friends, someone finally pointed out to me that people get paid for this! (What a concept…getting paid to do what I’ve been doing for fun…)


Translating and interpreting

I’ve been a working translator for over 20 years. I translate and do consecutive interpretation to and from Spanish. I have experience in a very diverse range of topics, including literature, immigration documents, religious materials, power purchase agreements, 401k paperwork, horticulture, and employee manuals.


Café Press store

Check out the Eleven Paws Boutique at Café Press! You’ll find all sorts of shirts, bags, and assorted products for teachers, animal lovers, travelers, and the filter impaired. (You know all those things we think but don’t say? Let me say them for you…)


Younique store

As an animal lover and asthmatic with a bazillion allergies, finding high quality beauty products that are both cruelty free and hypoallergenic is a big deal for me. I love this stuff, and I know you will too.


Welcome to my world! I hope you’ll visit often…