Michael Vick and Wayne Pacelle???

Apparently, Michael Vick, the dogfighter we all love to hate, has announced that he would love to have a dog some day. And Wayne Pacelle, the president of Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), agrees that he would make a good pet owner.

On what planet?

I’ve never had much respect for Wayne Pacelle, who is known to openly admit that he does not believe humans should keep pets and that he himself is not really an animal person. But this is beyond ridiculous.

Michael Vick hung dogs. Electrocuted them. Killed them in a variety of unspeakable ways. He was convicted of it. And he admitted it.

I am glad that he was caught. I am glad that many of the dogs in his possession have been rehabilitated and placed in loving homes where they demonstrate every day that dogs, as a rule, are more loving, more forgiving, and more resilient than most humans.

And I am very, very glad that a judge prohibited the man who tortured them from owning a pet.

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe that people can change. It’s just that I also believe most people don’t.

If that makes me suspicious and cynical, that’s fine. I would rather be suspicious and cynical than put even one animal’s life in Michael Vick’s hands. Because he cannot be trusted. Giving a few speeches about how what he did was bad is nothing. We already know he’s a criminal, so why wouldn’t he lie to get what he wants? Writing checks to humane organizations may help the organizations, but it has done nothing to redeem Michael Vick, in my eyes.

And now, in addition to my profound contempt and distrust for Michael Vick, I have to wonder. How does HSUS justify placing their organizational reins and their tremendous public influence in the hands of a man dumb enough to state publically that Michael Vick would be a good pet owner?

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  • Lindsey Michaud says:

    Even though I’ve read about what Michael Vick did and followed the updates on the surviving dogs, It still makes me so angry every time I hear about what he and his associates did to those poor dogs. Too bad the Judge in his case couldn’t have put him in jail forever. We need stricter laws for people who fight, abuse and torture dogs. Long jail sentences are needed to help stop this horribleness from happening. -Lindsey Michaud

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